Planned Obsolescence

It’s born from shared desires
And intelligent designs
Announcing its arrival
With proclamation and aplomb

Watch it grow in such a hurry
Adopting to the present times
As it seeks to gain its standing
And it’s place within the world

Now it’s grown in its maturity
Confident in its appeal
Certain of its direction
With immortality

But middle age comes calling
Not as nimble as once before
Suddenly times seems harder
The push forward quite the chore

So the creditors come crawling
As they take and take and take
And false preachers claiming youthfulness
Is well within its grasp

But no matter what the action
End results just aren’t the same
Decline is long in stature
Or in an instant all is lost

So the shell is all that’s left now
And the memories left intact
For the next to begin the journey
And the cycle once again


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