On A Winter’s Eve (Day 11 Of The 12 Days Before Christmas Poetry Challenge)

Greetings all! I thought it would be fun to take the 12 Days of Christmas song and use that as inspiration for a series of 12 poems from now through Christmas Eve. In case you have forgotten or don’t know, the 12 Days of Christmas song talks about a series of 12 gifts given to a true love the first 12 days of Christmas. Using the gifts as a guide, I will be putting up a poem each day by 9am Central Time. These poems will incorporate the gifts or the idea of the gift into different or modern contexts. Since this will be happening the 12 days before Christmas, I will be going from gift 12 down to gift 1 instead of the other way round. Hope you enjoy!

Gift 2- Turtle Doves


They passed by me on the sidewalk
Burrowed down against bitter cold
Braving all elemental forces
In their trek towards shelter calling

They seemed long in their affections
As she pushed in closer still
Her hand reaching out for warmth
And the comfort of nostalgia

He gently pulled together
Till they fit into just one
And continued on their journey
Till long past my scenic sight

I couldn’t help but then admire
These turtle doves of love’s perfection
Wishing what had just transpired
Was our future caught in rerun


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