To The Beat (Day 1 Of The Twelve Days of Poetry)

Greetings all!  I thought it would be fun to take the 12 Days of Christmas song and use that as inspiration for a series of 12 poems from now through Christmas Eve.  In case you have forgotten or don’t know, the 12 Days of Christmas song talk about a series of 12 gifts given to a true love the first 12 days of Christmas.  Using the gifts as a guide, I will be putting up a poem each day by 9am Central Time.  These poems will incorporate the gifts or the idea of the gift into different or modern contexts.  Since this will be happening the 12 days before Christmas, I will be going from gift 12 down to gift 1 instead of the other way round.  Hope you enjoy!  

Gift 12- 12 Drummer’s drumming

It starts with one
With a tap-tap-tap
As the door goes unanswered
Heartbeats are registered
The movement begins
With practiced aplomb

Then the second replies
With a sound of its own
Is the courteous reply
And so it begins
So follow along

As on down the line
Marches rhythmic tongues
Whipping up beauty
Of regiment style
Till the last steps up
To cap off the tune

Readied for his speech
He begins with a crash
Then a furious sound
As cacophony booms

Bashing and slashing
And flailing about
He sashays the rhythm
And varies the gate
The others look on
With horror and shame
As they cry and they plead
For the torture to stop
And the onlookers jeer
“What is this all about?”

But the drummer stays cool
Continues his beat
What would they know of rhythm
Or faith or belief

If I decide on a pause
That’s my personal choice
For its my own drum
And its my own voice

I’ll rhyme if I choose
Or I’ll change up the key
It’s difference I like

I may be wrong
I may be right
I may not know
What I’m doing

With that he left
Marched off the stage
Into the night
Lost to the crowd
And the rest
Went to resume the pace

But they stopped in their tracks
Thought for a minute
And then for a time
They just played


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