Torture Chamber

Of course they would put a padded chair in the middle of the room to give you the feeling like you were here to have a friendly chat.  He knew better.  Their instruments of unspeakable torture lay on a white table to the right of the chair.  The fact that the two gentlemen who met him in the room were wearing masks made him further curse the fates that brought him here.  They had him cornered, and no matter what promises they would make, what was about to happen was not going to be pleasant.  Stupid dentist.  Lousy wisdom teeth.


(Ed. Note:  Due to actually having to have this happen this past week, this week’s post is a short one.  However, expect a special Halloween one on Ocotober 31st as well as the usual  post every Thursday morning.  Thanks to all of you for visiting, subscribing, liking and commenting.  It is all very much appreciated!)


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