Guilty Righteousness

We are codified in collective hegemony

To the masters who ask

You not peek behind the curtain

While defective pockets

Facilitate the trickle

Down to greedy hands

And you all abide

Members of the choir

Unable to see it’s the same song

Sung slightly in different tune


Yet words catch in my throat

For who am I

To blast clarion call?

I’m leader of the congregation

And sing the loudest of them all


Judge and Jury?

More like the defendant

And the client’s guilty

Before he takes the stand


And you may bear witness

To the swan song

Of a pseudo-intellectual

Conceived with sin

And dedicated to the proposition

That all he speaks be declared flawed

So righteously must I fall

Towards Dante’s journey

And feel kinship

Amongst chosen folk


Yet in the haste

Towards forced destruction

From within the ash

May Phoenix rise

For progress is made not

By rhetoric flights

But by tangle

With dark waterfalls

Till like salmon there is path upstream

Towards more fertile waters








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