Gathering Storms

Gale winds belt their fury

On absent audiences

Rain fragments upon steel sidewalks

Of abandoned dreams

Hollowed from misuse

And over-sterilization

To the advanced conformity

Of old ideas felt new


The sky weeps

From deep-lidded eyes

Upon the tissue

Ripped, dirty, and frail

Tossed carelessly

Wherever it chooses to smother

Sufficient truth

Bathed in unrelenting light


Clouds formed providing

Wanted cover

To guarded souls

marching endlessly in mired trenches

Deep among the no man’s land

Of their hearts

Fighting with  unfortunate waves

Of reality’s persistence.


Reveling in the false bravado

Of darkness’ cloak

Sheltered until shattered

By a thought burying too deep

To avoid deflection

From tired shows of confidences

The elephant stands shamed within the mouse droppings

As winds threaten anew



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