Writer’s Block

struggle for words and phrases

ages of written knowledge out of ready grasp

sheen of mediocrity

looming ever closer to conclusion

long foregone

outlandish dreams

of flight’s capabilities

but I’m grounded

by checked baggage


my mind

brimming with false promises

collected diversions and perversions of a modern age

media’s social

and states

that likes are keys

to souls’ resolutions against

unconcious melancholy from a thousand years

of backwards capabilities

but the modern man

is the ancient’s twin

yet haunted

by the needs for survival

and the prettiest of language

is still delivered

from most sinister of tongues


and we pray

for the soothsayers

to deliver on American dreams

but are they so provincial?

are not qualities of freedom and peace

a domain universal?

yet the white picket fence is stained

blood wrenched

by forces who decide

theirs is more worthy than yours

unfiltered protestations

are foreclosed

like the line of homes dotting

a silent urban shore


or maybe I’m struck mute

from a world in which

stall doors become culture wars

and I’m floored

because of politics sure

but more

that we’re so caught up in the need

to decree

where one has to pee

for  privys

were always private institutions

and determinations

of ones location

for evacuation

have been made long before

they rode in on white steed

its noble

to protect against unwanted disturbance

of unbalanced minds

but to pervert

trans people to pedophiliacs


all manner of dinstinction

and desired policies of maintance

of so-called former status quos

are in throes

with truth

for how do they prevent

true perversity merely walking

through a door once more?


But like before

the circle comes full completion

the real deletion

of vocabularies from mental memory

the product of repetitious misgivings

of self worth

born from countless searches

for perfection’s blessing


that resulting silence

owes to forgotten transgressions

that no priest has absolved

but resolved

to the struggle I remain

and gain

the hope that temporary

are dams of mental constriction

and false restriction

shall be like Poe’s raven

never more











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