A House Of Blue

It lays deep in the valley

huddled amongst the vines

from neglected years

a house of blue

shot brilliant by a sudden burst

colored fire from a roaring sun


The rays with added bounty

bring forth the sounds of joyous play

and communal invitation

the lightness of its helium

making sturdy foundations

more potential in flight



But only for a moment

as wild shackles greedily absorb

all they can take

tangled growth

becomes  headier

in anaconda squeeze



The fight becomes one-sided

consumate in predesign

the meekness of its protest

betraying practiced desolation

as the house on fallen haunches

settles deeper into earth



So it stands cloistered

this house upon steep decline

the blinds choking exposure

and doors secure in seal

a prisoner of predilections

of  incorporated design
















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