Choice Of Love

Rain falls silent

tears upon the ground

bearing witness

to the haunted frames

of those

searching for

hallowed salvation

it may yet be had

by bowing down

offer prayer

to will your human nature away

say the false prophets

profiting from the pulpits

of preconceived approbations

gay is a condition

of the merely confused

not born

by  birth conceptions

but like the apple

of the serpent,

gifted with silvered tongue

poisoned perceptions

bring the  eviction of truth

within the kingdom of love

so walls of silence remain

imprisoning and constricting


yet they claim

religious conviction

and a vision

of what others should do


I am not among those

who abuse

and peruse

a sullied interpretation

of God’s rule

about loving your neighbor

and while I stand not

in your shoes

and know not of the desire

to love your own side

your victory

I entwine

in my heart

of hoped resolution

i opine

your absolution

from the persecution

of prejudiced minds

and wish you the peace you deserve

to love each other

in kind

so that we may yet find

it makes no difference

your love is your love

and mine is mine

and the both can exist



in time












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