The Struggle

We are perched

upon fields of dreams

but they feel more like Ponzi schemes

because the vultures

of capital culture

feed their needs

and neglect us

and the screams

come not from movie screens

but the scenes

of starvation

that play out in front of us

as we live in weeds

while they tee up screeds

that we are the cause of our own economic failures

but the bootstraps are defective

and had gone undetected for so long

and Dylan decreed

that times are changing

but to what?

and for whom?

for we are still cattle

working as hard as ever

to meet our needs

but the dollar only stretches so far

and meanwhile the caviar feeds

the select few who game the system

win the prize before the round even starts

as the news brings us violence

and blood leads


so why don’t we then storm the walls

on castles built of greed

plunge our knives

slam our fists

take out the whole regime

but eyes in skies

should no surprise

be anticipating every move

and they’d like nothing greater

then to be able

to call us all great fools

and infiltrate


masquerade our true desires

then lock us  up

within pierced walls

evicting freedom one and all


so let’s turn curses

into verses

that form the story of our desires

and howl, like Ginsberg, into the night

and day

collected minds form potent power

violence only gets replayed

and the trickle

will become thicker

and better slack our thirst

there’s no need for steak and lobster

meat and potatoes do us fine

and may we soon dine


in more equal harmony


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