A Mmnt N Unncsry Abbrv

OMG I wuz gnna gt  ths promo @ wrk but Idk wht hapnd.  Thr wr. 3 peeps gng 4 it but wuz nly 2 peeps rlly wit a chnce.  So Smmy n I wr the 2 2 goin 4 it.  Fyi evn tho she wuz in it, i thght i wuz a shu-n.  Tdd totes luv me n Smmy is so lonh.  She wnt in2 offce whil i bz as a mofo.  I wuz gttn ths bk 4 a custy n saw hr cmng out ftr lk 5 min.  I wuz like dafuq?  Y so qwic?  Thn Tdd cll me n tll me 2 cme bck 2 da offce 4 da intrvw so i did  n i thght she hd nfc.  I wuz saying stby as i sat dwn.  Thn he sz srry but u r 2 bhnd on ur stff 2 gt d promo n 2 yng.  I wuz lk su n untco 4 a min.  Y do i nt get d promo?  Ttksf i sk hm 2 rcnsdr.  He sez no cuz she alrdy wuz offrd psitn.  Tisnf. Tfys, i tld hm.  Qyb he bscly sd tho he ddnt ack sy tht.  Obe i wuz cryng i wuz so md.  I bt she wuz roflhao.  Lsb. It wuz mubar.


*Thanks to http://www.netlingo.com/acronyms.php for their extensive list of internet abbreviations.  Definitely came in handy!


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