Moments In Real-Life Unecessary Suspense

He stood, hunched over, working quickly but feeling like he wasn’t going to be quick enough.  A bead of sweat carefully started on his forehead and worked its way down.  The air around hung still and time seemed to have stopped itself, eager to see what would be the final result.  The wait was excruciating, and he just didn’t know if his actions would pan out in the end.  The world was only but the screen in front of him, and it’s cloying nature  was hell bent on suffocating him if he let it.  But this was his to solve and soon, the answer would reveal itself.  He then began to feel the layers of impatience and the temptation of murder emanating from the person before him.  Their desire at fullfillment needed to be match by his coolness under the pressure. He knew that time was not to be on his side for much longer. Tension pulsed and the temptation to give up and be resigned to cruel fate rose steadily within. This would be the defeat, the one that finally had done him in when…

“Okay, your book downloaded Ma’am. Here you go.”


And they walked out the door.


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