When The Lights Go Down

I have a secret to tell you.

I enjoy the dark side.

No, I am not making plans to join a certain faction of the universe.  I just think we could learn something from the dark.

More specifically, we might learn to embrace the dark to actually be able to think about things that are bothering us or to tap into our creative side.

See, we wake up in the morning and become immediately distracted by getting into our routine to prepare for the day.  Then, we go about to our jobs, or school, or 16 hour marathons of random cat videos, whatever.  The sun is out along with everyone else, so we enjoy or deal with the crush of humanity that comes out to visit.  Then, we get home and it starts to get darker, only we have dinner to prepare and then TV or the Internet or the cat videos that have been added to online sites since you started watching the videos earlier that morning.  Then it’s finally dark and there is nothing more to distract us from what we need to face or think about so we…go to bed.

Yep.  We pretty much avoid it completely.

There is something about the dark that makes many of us afraid.  Horror movies portray their scenes predominantly in the dark and make us fear what we are unable to see.  It is perhaps cloudy, or thick with the fog that shrouds the boogeyman lurking close by.  And yes, the dark is, or could be, all of those things.

But there is also a stillness to the night, a beauty within its unease.  The darkness can spell potential disaster, or the solution that is around the corner if we only take the time to trust our instincts.  We can be terrified with the unknown or stand to confront it, confident in the knowledge that while we may not be able to plan for all of life’s complexities, we are not consumed and debilitated from them.

When I have taken a moment to just listen or contemplate in the silence of the dead of a night, I can concentrate on an issue in front of me, whether global, personal, or trivial.  It is not something that is allowed to fester over time, or haunt my dreams.  Dreams, I believe, are the brains way to get to you so that you can deal with the issue being presented.  Unfortunately, our memories upon waking often cause the dream to turn into a wisp moving invisibly into the either.  The lesson disappears along with it.

So maybe, if you choose, take a moment in the quiet of night, whether laying or sitting in bed, to let that quiet wash over you.  Don’t battle, but befriend it.  Perhaps you will find that the solution or potential solution to whatever troubles you, is floating there, waiting for when the lights go down.


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