In The Room

Welcome once again to the random musings of just your typical, average


….Like I was going to say, your typical, normal, vanilla


…I’m not talking to you right now.

You are going to have to address me.

I don’t have to do anything.  It’s my blog so I can decide for myself what I talk or don’t talk about.

You can try to hide me, but you are going to have to eventually address me.

Fine.  1234 Boogalooga Avenue.  Now you’re addressed.

Cute.  You know what I mean.

Sigh.  Hello 800 pound gorilla in the room.

Thank you.  Also, you picked belief as the topic for the month.  You have no one to blame but yourself.  

Okay , I know that I picked belief, but why do you have to be here?  Don’t you have some bananas to eat or something?  Maybe if you actually walked instead of just hanging out in rooms, you could be the 750 pound gorilla.

You know as well as I that by picking what you did, you are going to have to address religion.  Which you should also know is one of the three topics people don’t usually discuss, the others being politics and sex.  You would then know that people don’t usually talk about those three because everyone has an opinion on them and arguments and fights can start up quickly.  

Okay, you have a point there I suppose.  Still doesn’t quite answer why you are here though. And why there is a pile of leaves in the corner of the living room.

You take too long to get home.  Also, since you have to address religion, I’m here to force you to choose your religious belief.  So, pick one.

….I don’t have to.  Have you not read my previous blog on the subject?  Pretty sure I addressed everything there.

Pure cop-out on that one.  You have to choose a specific religious belief.

Who says I need to?

….Ah, the 800 pound gorilla here?  Duh.  

Look, just because you are a really fat…well actually I’m not sure whether 800 pounds is fat for a gorilla.  Anyway, I don’t choose a single one right now.

So you are an atheist?

No, that’s a religion all to itself.  Their often certainty of disbelief rivals the strongest proponent of belief.  Plus, do you know how much fortitude there is in believing in something you can’t physically see or touch?  I commend a person’s conviction in that.  So no, I’m not atheist.

Okay, then you are Catholic.

Well, I mean I was baptized and confirmed but no, I wouldn’t call myself that now.  There are some tenants of church doctrine that, unless they’ve changed in the last few years, I disagree with.

Agnostic you must be.

When did you become Yoda?  No, that’s just giving up on the subject altogether.

But you have to pick something.

Unlike you gorilla,  I can actually move around a bit.  I’m a polyglot when it comes to this.  I find morsels  in a lot of different religious faiths and practices.  To me, truth is found in the whole, not just individual pieces.

You really got to be difficult about this, don’t you?

Look you wanna know what I believe?


I believe in the inherent goodness of humanity and the necessity to always return that goodness.  There you go.

That’s not going to fly with me.  I need a black and white answer.

That’s the answer you are going to get.  Luckily most people are okay with that.  It’s just the 2% like you that can’t handle it.

I’m not going to leave until you pick one.

Do what you want.  I got things to do right now.  Shut the light off when/if you finally leave the room. And try not to break a table like your cousin Larry, the political one.

Sorry.  He can go a little ape sometimes.



Published by: djc84

30 something with midwest roots looking to entertain...inspire...and analyze the world that surrounds us firmly believing that what is inside is often much more interesting and revelatory than what outwardly appears.

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