The Leap


Just standing here on top of this cliff.

It’s pretty high.  Hard to see the bottom.  There is one but definitely not something you can see from this height.

We all end up here at one time or another.

You see, this is where it happens.  The moment when you decide whether to take the leap.

The leap of love.

It’s scary up here.  I know.

You see, there is a cliff on the other side here.  There is a heck of a gap between the two cliffs so you can’t walk across to get to the other side.

You gotta leap.  And that’s the hard part.

I’m standing here on this cliff because I like someone.

Can’t tell if the other person does though.  You would be able to see them from the other cliff getting ready to do their leap.

From my perspective, it doesn’t seem like they are there.  But its usually cloudy up here so maybe they are but are just hidden.

I could be hidden to them too you never know.

So, sometime you just end up having to make the leap a bit blinded.

Sure, you could be wrong, and thus leap off and fall to the bottom.

But there is a bottom.  It’s not where you are forever falling.  It’s just a temporary thing.

And eventually, you make it back up to the top of the cliff, ready to try it again.

But many times, when you make the leap, they have or will too.

And then you meet up in the middle to catch one another.

And that’s it really.  Until one or both of you decide you’d rather go back up the cliff again.

You hope though you only have to do it as few times as possible.  Hell, once would be amazing.

Chances are though, it probably won’t be.  That’s ok though.

You learn from every leap.  The terrain on the way down get more and more familiar.

You never know it 100 percent admittedly.  It always seem to change a little.

Like an impressionist painting.  The outlines are there but the details are a bit fuzzy.

Still, it becomes a bit easier.

So now here again.  And its so easy to just turn around and walk back down.

And I’ve done that before.  Not trying  to do it again.

No, this time just gotta go for it.

Could be wrong.  Could get a little hurt.

But you never know for sure.

Until the leap.





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