The Nice Guy Problem

Okay, have made it to the bar.  Looks like a nice night definitely a lot of people here!  Certainly a chance to meet someone.  Let me go get a drink.



Oooh, this is good.  They really make a good Amaretto and cola here.  Well, let me look around and……



I’m speechless.

Absolutely beautiful.

I have to talk with her.

But would she even talk to me?

….Yeah, why not?

….Except girls don’t like nice guys.  You see all these people in relationships and the guy isn’t necessarily just straight nice.  Heck, some of them are pretty arrogant.  I’ve seen a few in this bar already tonight.

Wait, that’s just stupid.  Women would of course like nice guys.  People don’t want to be treated poorly.  And I’m nice so I would of course treat them well.

Except…would a nice guy call himself a nice guy?  I mean wouldn’t a nice guy just know he is a nice guy and therefore not have to say anything?  If you are calling yourself something, it’s like you have to prove it to yourself.  Plus a nice guy would be humble too!  So, clearly I must not be a nice guy because I’m claiming to be nice, which is not humble, because I’m just pointing attention to myself.  A nice guy obviously wouldn’t do that.

Okay I’m not nice, so why would they be interested?  I may as well just forget her.

Wait…I am nice!  Like that time I saw that puppy in the middle of the road and managed to track down the owner through social media.  And let’s not forget that other time when you picked up that co-worker’s shifts which made you work 8 days in a row just so they could be with their dad who was in the hospital.  Also, you certainly aren’t like that one customer you dealt with last week who clearly decide to make a teenaged Justin Bieber his role model as I have not seen so much arrogance from another person in a really long time.  Or maybe they were trying to ape one of the Kardashians or something.  Hmmm, I wonder what would happen if you combined a Bieber and Kardashian like person together.  I can’t imagine the potential for sheer Douchery that would result from that!  Then, what would you call the combination of families?  The Biedashians?  Kariebers?

Wait….focus brain!  Look, you definitely are a nice guy if that customer is any basis of comparison.  But….they could have been having a bad day or something.  Maybe something had just happened and he took it out on the first person he saw.  So, I mean not good to just dump it on someone but maybe should give them the benefit of the doubt.  And considering I just immediately judged them, I’m no better person.  I have no business going up to this person and talking if I’m just going to judge as quickly as I just did there.

Just drink your drink and sit back.  You have no business judging people so carelessly.


Hold up….you have no idea that that person wasn’t just being a jerk.  This isn’t the first time they were like that either with you.  They shouldn’t have to take out things on you that isn’t fair!  So you know, you have the confidence to stand up for yourself and to go speak to that woman across the way.  So go do it!

….Ummm……where did they go?

Oh, they’re talking to that guy.

  What time is now?

Wow, it’s been an hour since I’ve been here.

Figures shes talking to Mr. Popped Collar over there.

Must be because I’m a nice guy.  Women don’t like nice guys.





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