What is Your Dating IQ?

 1.  You find this quiz in the back of a magazine while waiting in your doctor’s office.  Do you:

a.  Leave it alone.  These things aren’t really your cup of tea.

b.  Scoff at the ridiculousness of it and then return to your article about yen vs. the American dollar.

c. Give it to the pre-teen who is currently talking to her friend Natalia seemingly at the top of her voice.

d.  Spend the next 3 hours of your life obsessing over every answer as the results have become now a matter of life or death and you shall not stop till your  IQ approaches that of Albert Einstein. Even if its dating IQ and not actual IQ we are talking about here.


2.  If someone were to describe you in one word, that word would be:

a.  Personable

b.  Funny

c.  Kind

d.  Klutz…ow!  I swear that wall was not there a minute ago!


3.  You spot someone you consider to be extremely attractive.  Your first move is to:

a.  Approach them and immediately make apparent your interest in them.

b.  Finish the glass of courage next to you, then gradually approach and engage in conversation with them steadily building to an admission of interest.

c.  Being afraid to approach initially, your friends eventually encourage you to at least go over to say hello.

d.  Hide.  Then you will  spend the next several weeks nitpicking certain things said or done implying whether they may or may not like you but you will take so much time doing it that by the time you get to say something, they have gone to someone else.  Also, the bar has been closed for awhile and you are currently being thrown out the door by three very large bouncers.


4.  The most important quality to have in a relationship with someone is:

a.  Sense of humor.  The couple that laughs together stays together.

b.  Trust.  If there is no trust, how can you rely on each other?

c.  Spontaneity.  You both encourage each other to try new things and do things on the spur of the moment.

d.   Not always doing option D from the previous question.


5.  You have reached the middle of this quiz.  You now take the opportunity to:

a.  Congratulate yourself on reaching this point with a quick pat on the back.

b.  Go get yourself something to drink.

c.  Get right to the second half.  Time’s wasting!

d.  Consider why this has been the highlight of your last month and slowly weep for your long gone social life.


6.  It’s Valentine’s Day.  You surprise your loved one by:

a.  Bringing home the biggest stuffed bear on the planet

b.  Chocolates!

c.  Preparing a three course dinner for them by yourself

d.  Performing a Samba to Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood“.  Because YOSA (You Only Samba Always).


7.  You are on a date and they ask you your age.  You reply with:

a.  The truth.  They will appreciate the honesty

b.  “The truth.”  You may have shaved a few years off but who will notice?

c.  “The bald-faced lie.”  10 years have never come off so quick.

d.  “The old enough to know outdated pop-culture references but young enough to keep most of them to yourself.”


8. For your anniversary, you decide to go out to eat to a:

a.  New Spanish-French fusion restaurant

b.  Mom and Pop Italian joint

c.  Trendy craft brewery and pub

d.  Fast food place.  Hey, why are you walking away?  You can get the combo instead of the dollar menu!  And we are dressed up fancy!  That’s different!


9.  You invite your date over to your place.  The first thing you show off is:

a.  Your tasteful and yet inexpensive furniture

b.  Your extensive movie collection

c.  How clean the place is

d.  Your collection of stuffed presidents that you don’t want to admit how much money you spent in crane games at the local super-center during college for them.



 10.  When getting dating advice, you always like to turn to:

a.  Yourself, through a complete self-analysis of your actions, wants and desires

b.  Your friends, who help you determine what certain actions of someone you like    might mean and give you the confidence to approach people.

c.  Your family, who are your comfort when things may go wrong, and the ones who can often act as good judges of character.

d.  A quiz buried in the back of magazine, probably written by an underpaid, 20-something who would much prefer to be writing articles about presidential candidates and is wondering whether it was a good idea to switch majors 3 years ago.


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