The Chase


Oh man I’ve needed to do that for a bit now!

….Oh, hey everyone.

Getting limber here before the start.  It’s always good to stretch and warm up before doing any kind of exercise.  And especially since I’m about to start and I’m not sure how long it may be.

I’ve heard of people out for years.  Take Clark over there.  It’s been fifteen apparently.  He gets so close but the person is always just out of reach every time.  He’s getting older too now so he’s not quite as quick as he was.  Makes it even harder.

Although the opposite doesn’t help either.  Brittney is probably way back there somewhere.  You can see her darting by fairly periodically.  Oh, there she goes!  She’s amazingly quick!  Of course, because of that no one can catch up hence her still being out there.

Then there is the case of poor Pete.  I have seen that guy at least three times have someone catch up and tap him on the shoulder, but it’s like he isn’t paying attention or something.  He keeps running and moaning that he can never catch anyone.  If he only turned around every once in awhile.

Some don’t even bother.  Take Mary behind the gates. She has been standing there for as long as anyone can remember.  Guess its her right to stand and watch.  You see her toy with the idea of getting out there from time to time, and it looks like she stretches out a bit, but then must change her mind or something because she stops and just looks as everyone chases everyone else.  I don’t think she would actually be out long if she participated.  Heck, I would try to catch her but from where she’s at, you can’t really reach.

A few people do cheat which makes it harder for everyone.  You watch as these two people have caught each other and they are walking out when all of sudden, it’s like one or both of them gets a sudden bolt of energy and soon they are trying to catch someone else!  A lot of times the second person caught doesn’t even realize what’s going on until they happen to pass by the first person on the way out.  Lucky this place is pretty big so you just kinda avoid that area when that happens.  Not so fun.  I’ve seen the refs occasionally coming out to remove people.  Otherwise, they pretty much leave you well alone.

For me, it’s been a few years so I’m sure the rules have changed since the last time I was here.  I swear, they change so much so quickly.  I do my best but I’m not the greatest at this.  Never really have been.  It is a frustrating game sometimes but I still give it a try.

Alright get ready now and here we go!


Oh!  I’m so sorry!  Did not mean to do that!  Are you ok?

Here, let me help you up.  You’re sure you are ok?

…OK if you are sure.  I’m Frank by the way.  Sorry about that.  I do occasionally not look at my surroundings.

Betty?  Nice to meet you.

Oh, you are getting ready to start the chase again too?  Really?

Huh.  Guess sometimes it could be over when you least expect.


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