The Procrastinator’s Lament, part 2

Wanted to talk with you today about a problem that has affected me for most of my life and I am sure has affected a number of you out there too.  You see I have a problem with….ahem… with…ah hold on a sec.  Dry throat here.  Let me go get some water.

Much better.  I know you are just typing when you do these buts it’s amazing how hard it is to do anything when your throat is killing you.  You just end up focusing on that instead of anything else.  And man was it painful.  Although it certainly wouldn’t have been as painful as if I had touched that penny to a lightsocket instead of dropping it on there…

Oh I didn’t tell you that one?  Oh funny story.  So I was bored and young and not wanting to get out of bed one day so I dropped a penny on a plug that was pulled slightly out of a light socket on a wall as an experiment. The results?  Well its certainly one way to almost electrocute yourself and blow out the breaker in the downstairs family room.

But anyway enough about failed wannabe Ben Franklin experiments.  I was talking to you about how I have a problem with gjskvnrjwoxjgjskfkskskvmeicowjf

Cat!  Get off!  Just because you can lay there doesn’t mean that you should!  I understand the whole liking warm things but really!  And that’s not the type of mouse you should be chewing on!

Sorry.  She can be a pain sometimes but still love her.  What’s also a pain though is this problem I have with…sniff…I smell bacon.

Hold on a sec.

Sweet mother of trans fat….bacon!!!

munchmunchmunchso goodmunchmunchmunchmunch.

Ah delicious.  Nothing like bacon on….well anyday.  I mean it’s bacon we’re talking about here.  Though it’s made my throat dry again.  Gotta grab some more water.

Be right back.

Okay so now I can talk to you about how I’m trying to work on my…uh…how do you spell…shoot I should know this.  Hang on gotta consult the great search engine of the internet.


…….Did you know goats faint when they get spooked?  I mean it’s not really “fainting” persay but still I have been watching these vidoes for 20 minutes now and they are just hilarious.  It’s like their legs just tire out in a flash and then down they go!

That reminds me I’ve been meaning to download a new alarm clock to wake up to in the morning.  This one is supposed to “gently” wake you up in the morning rather than practically punch you in the face like my old one.  I mean it’s the morning we are talking about here.  Some of us just don’t naturally worship the crack of dawn.  We prefer the fissure of anytime after Noon. 

Wow the internet is slow today.  Only going to take three freakin’ years to download this thing.   Guess I’ll start on that blog about my procrastination problems….




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