The Church of Shoulder Shrug

Many of us share in, or take comfort in the warm embrace of a particular religious practice.  We enjoy the beliefs and tenets that help us in living out our days on this planet.  And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

I’m just not one of you.

The question of what religion you are is one that many of us are very intensely interested in.  We often like to fit you into one of the particular neat boxes provided below.  My problem is I just don’t feel like I fit into any.  I mean I am over six feet tall and its hard to get my shoulders in because the box  just doesn’t quite stretch…

No but really its hard to subscribe to just one for me.  It’s like having a particular type of potato chip.  You can’t devour just a singular one.  At least I can’t.

Aha!  So then you are an atheist that is going to come out and yell about how there is no God and anyone who believes is crazy and that you may as well pray to the church of Kardashian.  And to that I would say you were wrong.

I would talk about it not yell.  Also it would be the church of Jobs not Kardashian.  Get it right.

Well fine then that must make you  agnostic.  But that doesn’t really apply either.  It’s like answering the question of do you want toast or french fries with I prefer the color blue.  I do believe in something, and not just how good cheesecake is.  Which it is.  That just goes without saying.  Though I just said it but whatever.

To me, the question of what religion I am has kind of become a mute one.  Because at the end of the day the only thing I know is I am….me.

Ridiculous…sure.  Sarcastic…at times.  Possessor of jokes so horrible you will be rolling your eyes faster than a snowball speeding down the slope of Mt Everest…mean but accurate.  Suave, devilishly handsome and likely to make all those of a female persuasion swoon….okay guess I  owe you $50 bucks for that.

At the end of the day, I’m just a member of trying to do the right thing for people and don’t need or want the credit for it.  I am also a worshiper in the religion of  gonna mess it up a time or two or 90,000,000.  And a firm practitioner of the try not to do it again.

In this I believe.





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