Crazy? Me? Duh. Why Not You?

Apparently I just have the bug to write lately.  That’s what happens when you live in the Midwest and have unfortunately the social life of a Buddhist monk or are unable to enjoy any kind of sledding or throwing snowballs at that one annoying kid on your block.

You know the one.  Or are the one.

I thought I would take the opportunity to answer the one question that all of you probably have on your minds after reading any one of the posts you have seen on here.

Is he seriously insane?  I mean like mentally, absolutely, 100%, coo-coo bananas?

And the answer is yes.  Of course.  Probably.  Then again, if I was indeed crazy you wouldn’t believe any answer I gave you anyway.  So you would never really know would you?

Hah!  See the problem with your thinking now you thinking problem…haver.

Yeah, great comeback there Rambler.  Smooth.

It is true that my “comedy” borders on ridiculousness to the point where you just may want to grab a straitjacket to protect yourself against catching some sort of drive-by insanity.

But I wouldn’t have it any other way.  And I do have facts to back up why I say that.  Granted those facts were also made up by me.  The person who you are calling crazy.  But still.

You see, the Rambler’s life right now is more or less on somewhat neutral grounds.  While he is at least happy with certain parts of where he is at in this hopefully marathon race called life, there are things that are still behind or have become behind where he’d like to be.  In other words, I’m probably more or less in the same place that many of you dear readers are at.

Or not.  Let me not assume.  We all know what happens when you do that.

You mess up.  What else did you think I would say?

Anyway, I’m living up to my blog name again.  What I’m attempting to get at is life is maybe not quite the biggest ray of sunshine at the moment for me but you can’t just decide to crawl into a hole and hide from the world around you.

Life is a very good hide and seeker.

So the question becomes, how do you manage?

For me, its all about humor.  Or being funny.  Or being funny looking.  Or making people think I’m funny.  Or they laughing at me.  Any one of the above.

Sure, things may not be at the pinnacle of fantastic-ness but humor can provide the glue behind the veneer that allows for the cracks to show but the overall structure not to break down.  We all use humor to escape or to be entertained.  I think that for me though humor, or the sheer fact of being ridiculousness, is more of a need, a life-style choice.  And I feel its a better life choice than my fortunately temporary period of having frosted blonde hair like a Backstreet Boy or Eminem in 2002.

Telling a joke, or a story that ends in something funny, provides a release from pressures of daily living, allows for the typical or usual social situation to be turned on its head, and provide for the path towards us thinking about something in an entirely different way.  In that respect, humor opens the door for others to step through if they so choose.

So I choose to be funny, or ridiculous, or sure call it crazy because maybe the people I interact with can choose to venture with me further into the vastness of insanity or just leave the door open a crack.  Or close it in my face.  It’s certainly their choice.  Whatever way is chosen, perhaps for that moment or few moments in time, their life will be touched by something that drives the darkness away for a little while.  And in turn, their response may do the same for me.

So to those who say I’m crazy or insane or both, I say why not?  Sure the humor is goofy.  But without people willing to let the ego go, put themselves out there, and try to enjoy a little, life I think would be very different.  So get out and enjoy the crazy.  It has its perks.

Take this white padded room they let me use.  People have their “adult” coloring books.  I’ll take my “adult” bouncy room.



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