Self-Sensorship: What The Beep?

Welcome to Rambling After Dark.

We are about to get a little adult here.  A little more talking about adult language that is.

Anyway, I’m sure most if not all of you have had those days or situations where the English language has become a little more…coarse.  Peppery if you will.  Not quite so proper.

Okay beeped up.

Let’s all face the fact that we probably have one point or another let slip a choice word or two when we have been angry, or upset, or otherwise not having the kind of day we wanted.  Or we just beeping felt like it.

Having a bit of a problem with this beep myself, I have taken to join again in the spirit of pretending to renew myself every January in the promise of changing things.

Okay I was just kidding about the pretending part.  Don’t have a beeping cow about it.

As you have no doubt already seen, it is hard for me to not saying something that doesn’t include beep…or beep…or of course lets not forget beep.  So I have taken it upon myself to get a device that allows me to have the word beep inserted every time I attempt to write a curse word down on this beeping blog so that over time I might help to rid myself of my cursing affliction.  Since this is a pretty new feature I found I’d figure I would try it out and attempt to write this without using any cursing.

So here we beeping go.

Okay, that was just a test to make sure it worked.  Which it better beeping do.  I paid enough for it.

Okay, focus Rambler.  You can beeping do this.

Shoot, not starting off well here.  Then again, if you have the days I have occasionally, it would be pretty hard for you to start some kind of stupid beeping experiment like this.  But, that will be the last curse that I use and I will get through telling about my day by using the finest that the English language has to offer.

So entering the door, I was greeted by the first beep thing to have to deal with…I mean I was greeted by the first darn thing to have to deal with when Frank decided it would be the funniest thing in the beepin…I mean funniest thing in the stinkin’ world to do by convincing me of some fact regarding some actor that I took as gospel.  Which I then relayed to my crush Darla who looked at me like I was a beepin’ idi…a freaking idiot.  Which of course I found out later that Frank had made it up to make me look foolish knowing that I would tell her it to look smarter.

I mean that beeping beep…lying son of a gun!  He can be such the beephole…such the jerk sometime.

Excuse me that I actually wanted to look impressive for once.  It’s not like it happens in my beeping….lousy life all that often.  I don’t have the looks of a beepin’…flipping model and its not like I’m all that beep…darn selfish.  At least I don’t think I am.

But then again, who cares what the beep they think!  Matter of fact beep this idea of having to beepin’ censor myself!  That son of a beep made me so mad I could beepin’ punch something.  In fact the next time I see that beep Nate I’m going to show him how much of a beepin’ man I am.  I’m going to take the opportunity to put him in his beep beep place.  I’ll be real glad to beep him up.

In fact, beep this beep beep beep oh what the beep is going on with this beep program now.  It beeping uses beep  even beep I’m not beeping using any beep curse beep.  Oh beep is this program beeping beep up now?  How is beep that I’m using beep thing for beep beep minute and now beep its beep.  Where’s the beeping instructions beep beep thing?  I beep I put the beep down somwhere beep beep beep.  I could be all beep with this beep.  beep this beep and beep beep beep well beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep.  



3 thoughts on “Self-Sensorship: What The Beep?”

  1. You know what, you may have been joking but I’ve decided that I need to control my cursing too. I find myself with quite a sailor’s mouth in casual situations and I need to stop. It’s not really attractive or cool and it’ll never help me in life, so why do I do it? So maybe my resolution for real this year is to self-sensor a lot! Thanks!

    1. I think there is always a time and a place for everything. Sometimes you do gotta get something out and that’s the only way that helps. I do however, agree with you that you do have to pick a time and a place that is appropriate. Appreciate the comment thanks!

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