A Quick Note

Hey All!

Rambler once again with an actually serious post regarding the content here on the blog.  I have decided in the interest of making things a little more organized that the blog will take on a makeover of sorts.  You will still be entertained (ed. note more likely annoyed) by the humor I try to bring to the website here.  That will not change.  What will though will be how subjects are brought up throughout the year.  Having a flash of inspiration the other day while standing at my post at work, each month will focus on one particular overarching theme, with the blog posts highlighting a portion of that theme.  So for this month, the idea of change will be the overall theme.  Since January is often the time for renewal and new beginnings, I felt it apropo to make it change.  However, as you will likely soon discover, change is not something perhaps so easy to do.

You can expect about 2-3 posts a week.  Again, no worries here folks about posts being vastly different from what you have seen before.  I still mean to make you laugh, even if its only at my sheer ridiculousness.  For those faithful readers of this blog, you can imagine I have never lacked at that.


Published by: djc84

30 something with midwest roots looking to entertain...inspire...and analyze the world that surrounds us firmly believing that what is inside is often much more interesting and revelatory than what outwardly appears.

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