New Year, New Blog…Same Crazy

The Rambler here wishing you a happy New Year and not for a change a joke related to my severe lack of updating this thing.  For you see, thanks to perhaps the unknown encouragement of a fellow co-worker of the Rambler, you faithful readers of the blog have lately seen me more often than a Kardashian selfie.

You can call me the diet version.  Now with 98 percent less vanity.

Anyway, like most of you, the Rambler has decided he needed to make some resolutions.  In keeping with the traditions of bringing in the new, I have decided it’s time to end the boring, stale jokes that have come to populate the blog now.  No more wild flights of fancy in which I start talking about something and you think it’s just going to be a short sentence but then it reminds me of this thing I was thinking about while driving the other day and so I start talking about that and then I get so wrapped up into that that you then start wondering if maybe I’m just doing the whole thing for comic effect but you readers can’t really tell because you are only reading words on the screen and not the intent behind the words and meanwhile at this point I start to wonder what I’m doing as I’m typing if I can actually finish the sentence and it’s certainly not grammatically correct but its not like my English teacher is reading this and at this point the run on sentence has caused me to forgot the joke I was even going for in the first place.

So yeah, you certainly won’t see that anymore.

Not to mention you will also not see me using visual jokes and being so literal in  S    T  R     E       T    C       H     I      N      G              O         U         T          T      H       I    N    G     S.









Or repeat things things things things things things things things.

Definitely none of that.

Yep the Rambler is certainly going to accomplish his resolutions this year unlike the past.  There will be no quitting like las


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