Nothing To Say Here

It seems today that it’s not worth it to get involved in long conversations with people. I am constantly interacting with customers at work and if they are any indication, the less I say the better. Apparently, if you can’t say it in a hashtag, it’s not worth saying. So I figured I would take that same attitude towards the blog here. Straight and to the point is the name of the game now!  Because after reviewing all of my previous entries I have come to two conclusions.

1.  I definitely live up to my blog name. 

2.  Holy crap am I funny!  I mean I’m frickin’ hilarious. How people manage to get past this page without having to change their pants is…well…clearly impossible. 

So I’ll give you a moment. Go ahead you won’t miss anything. 

I’ll just be sitting here. Waiting to type more hilarious comedy. 

Just waiting. 

Jeez you just needed to change your pants not go out and buy new ones. 

Okay fine!  Go and get some pants then. But hurry it up already. 

It’s not like I got all day. 

What’s that?  Oh. 

This just in:  I actually do have all day. 

And night apparently. 

Also the afternoon. And next week.  

Okay but seriously, come back already. 

Still sitting here. 


Wha…how the hell did a marsupial get in with the stereotypical no one is around noise?

Get out of here you stupid ‘roo!

With your pouch and everything!  

Probably stealing my chips with all that room you have. 

I better go check the cabinet now.

Son of a…it did steal my chips! 

…and dip!

That’s two of my four food groups!

Grrr.  Now I gotta go to the store again. 

Oh you people got your pants and you’re back now. Great, but I’m currently suffering from marsupial theft and I’m sure no kangaroo court will convict. 

If I leave the blog with you guys for a minute you won’t touch anything right?  

…Good I’ll be right back. 

Seriously don’t mess with anything. 


Okay I’m bac….wait a minute.  

I clearly did not put that dot there. 

I leave for five minutes and somebody messed with the blog. 

Who did it?!  I demand to know who touched the blog while I was gone!  I want answers! Was it you?

I bet it was you. You’ve had it out for the blog for awhile now. I’ve seen you looking at it from afar. Couldn’t resist putting something there could you?

Answer me!  Confess you blog dotter!  You committed blogicide didn’t you?  Ruining the beautiful nature of that blog section with your tiny little dot. 

Yeah I hope you’re happy now. We are going to have a long discussion about this outside of the blog. Now you go and think about what you’ve done. 
Sorry about that everyone. Anyway where was I?

Right. So I vow you will never see any long-winded, pointless posts here again. 


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