Foolin’ Around

So I have survived another day of potential fool-atry on April Fool’s Day.  Or perhaps I am merely fooling you to believe that I was not fooled when I clearly was. Except it would be full tom-foolery to automatically assume I have been fooled when I very well could have avoided it.  But I could also be a fool who would perhaps not recognize when I was being fooled.  Although in that case would both my foolishness and the fool being performed somehow cancel each other out so that the net effect would be the absence of fool-dom?  I would have to fool around with this question for awhile to really fool-y understand the ramifications surrounding the question of this potential for the cancellation of foolishness. It could be foolish of me to believe that I could find an answer but I have been known to be pretty fool-hardy when the situation calls for it. Though I may in the end up in a bit of a fool’s errand, I am bound and determined to call a fool investigation into all potential possibilities. Meanwhile, you will no doubt have plenty of time to understand just how well I can act the fool sometimes.


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