Struggle For Perfekshun

I’m sure you are wondering why I did not adhere to my schedule of a new post every Thursday. 

What?  You didn’t notice that there was not a new one yesterday? 

Thanks for pointing that out jerk-like person.  Yes I went there.

Anyway, the true reason I didn’t have one posted was because I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to these things.  I mean it is imperative you do everything you can to strive for absolute perfection whether in writing or in life itself.

But try telling that to the spectre of imperfection that is the other part of my self.

Yew tawking bout me you doushebeg?  U wish dat yew was guy good like I.

Yeah, thanks. He is always trying to defeat me.  Perfection, however, will fully be in control.  In life, it is important to do everything you can to live a life filled with perfection.  I plan to so that I will have absolutely no regrets in my life.  Obviously, to be perfect is to…

Be Borrriinnggg!  Why doose dat stuf,:!  Let me bee not purrfekt. Life short time fir bedder teu njoy stuf now Allow yerselph time fun

     Stop!  I am terribly sorry for the intrusion.  Clearly this spectre has decided to try to get the better of me.  However, my determination for perfection will continue.  There is no way I cood be not pikkin pearfecshin. 

….I mean there is no way I would pick to live life where perfection was not the goal.  I am not going to be taken over buy sum; dum pert…some thing that thinks life is meant to be solely enjoyed and not systematically planned to such a degree that every possible eventuality of life is newn inn /ad/vanc/e../ .  Clearly it jest thunks that I can be taken over EaSY anne kan bee kept frum telling yew my Favrit readurrs how you can be perfect in stuff you dun dew n life stuff{ really you gotta bee kiddin me6 seriously this is not fenny yes tis lots FUN:) awesem live little no it is time fors you tooo leave new son of a britcH!%$#asdlfjdslklafquit itaysodflsdfhsdfsI am not going to let blugh gbleh not lisenin jes you take it easyonyouseenowspellingwritewellnotthatnowjustgonnatipethingswidnospacejesscuzcan This is my blegh lurn To LiV I will not be tekkin over by some characteristic turrerrist arggh Y must you insist on try’in  to win it will never happen!

Hah!  Stuff it internal crisis! 

     Sorry for that dear readers.  Maybe it is better to have a little bit of perfectionism and non-perfectionism in your life.  If anything, it might make the fighting within yourself a little bit easier.  However, at the moment I will at least end here with absolutely no mistakes.

Until next time,




2 thoughts on “Struggle For Perfekshun”

  1. For me, it can be all too easy to let perfect become the enemy of good, and I think a lot of people share that trait with me. If I aim for perfect, then I never finish anything. Perhaps with your internal dialogue you can relate?

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