Behind The Scenes Blogging

In today’s day and age, it seems more important then ever to be completely transparent in all that you do. So, in that regard, I felt it only natural that I take you inside my blogging process in real time.  So come with as I write this blog for you right now and you can gain an insight into a creative mind at work.

     Or a crazy one.  Still haven’t figured out which yet.

     Ok, so now that that comedy gold of an intro is finished after 30 min, I suppose I should figure out what to write about here.

     I just spent five minutes staring at a sleeping cat to give me ideas. This is going well.

     Might as well get something to eat with the time I have been wasting here. I’ll be back in a couple minutes.

     Its amazing how a series of dots that look like you are sending a message by morse code can signify the passage of time.  I love the internet. Heck, this is the same place that believes people actually roll around on the floor laughing.

     Most I have ever done is inwardly chuckle. Hmm, ic. Could work as a new internet short-hand lingo.

…Does anyone even use the word lingo anymore?  Sounds like something you could have with some nice risotto and green beans.

Okay focus now. 

Oh, I did have a really good story about something that happened at work!  Great!

…Wait.  Last thing I need is for that person to sue me.  Not like they are going to get a lot.

     Less they like receipts for gas station coffee.

     What?  Its cheap.  And I’m poor.  And I need it for work.  Or need it to work. Something like that.

     Okay gotta find some inspiration here.

     To the interwebs!  

     Wonder what my email looks like. Haven’t checked it in like five seconds.  I’m sure there are ads for building muscles and having a better performance in the bedroom that desperately need to be looked at.

     ….Nothing. You’ve let me down spam ads. You’ve let me down.

     Okay, well I’m sure 20 funny cat videos have been added for me to watch in the time it takes me to finish this sentence which I will do as soon as I decide that this run-on sentence is sufficiently long enough but I think I better put some more words into it because maybe the videos might take a few moments more to load since it seems like the internet is being a little slow tonight but I think it should be good now for me to end this.

     Its been 3 hours already!  Don’t think the people who put up these videos should be called crazy cat people.

     More like time-suckers. 

     Except I chose to watch these videos. So I guess that means I would be a self time-suck?  Or a self-time sucker?  Sucker of self-time?  Time-sucker from self?  This is giving me a headache.

     Seriously thought I could come up with something right now.

     Did have a different sandwich combo today. Suppose I could start with that.

     Today, I had a turkey sandwich instead of ham.

   …Is this what my life has become?  I think this is important enough to blog about.

     Today I had a turkey sandwich instead of ham.

     Its gotta be more rambly anyway.

     …………………………….okay my thumb hurts from hitting that.

     I got it!

   Today I had a turkey sandwich instead of ham. ‘Cause I’m no pig.

     I weep for me. 




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