Sunday Suckiness

While bemoaning the fact I almost never get to rest on Sundays,(not to mention the sun part ain’t happening today either), it occurred to me that there are indeed worse things in life.  I mean on the scale from stubbing my toe to a parasitic zombie werewolf outbreak, having to work on a Sundays level of terribleness equals right around someone not getting my no whip, half foam, quarter decaf, gold dust sprinkled, mochacaramellardbaconididntwantthisthingtotastelikeactualcoffee latte right.

So today, in an effort to bring myself out of the funk that is this (un)Sunday, may I present you with a list of some things that would suck more than working today while I attempt to figure out what the above drink might actually taste like.  Certainly would likely make me not be able to work today.  Or make some unholy alien pig creature burst out of my chest.

Losing my keys to my car

Losing my keys to my house

Losing the key to everlasting life

Being unable to change the radio station on my car

Having my car radio be unable to play more than one song.

Having that one song be the undiscovered Justin Bieber reggae style “I Want You To Be My Swag Bahama Baby Mama”

Being late to work

Being late to work as a photographer for a swimsuit company

Being late to work as a photographer for a swimsuit company of nymphomaniac models with punctual 20 something Midwest photographer fetishes.

Finding out you have only two dollars in the bank

Finding out you have two dollars in the bank because someone took your identity

Finding out that person used the money to help bankroll the new Justin Bieber reggae album


2 thoughts on “Sunday Suckiness”

  1. Wow, those are some terrible things. I feel better now because I’m going to watch NFL football all day and smoke Cigars. Thank you.

    PS: I am also running the Ron Burgundy Campaign for President of the United States of America in 2016. If you would like to volunteer for the campaign, please go to:

    please give us a your reason for volunteering in the comment boxes provided. Thank you.

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