A Blogger’s Press Conference

Thank you all for coming today.  I thought I would just start with a short prepared statement.

….Okay, I can take a few questions.  Yes, you in the front there?

Hello.  What made you decide to come back to blogging?

Well, I felt the world was missing some  really lame jokes and obscure references to things, so I thought it was time for a comeback.  Yes, go ahead.

Where were you before? 

Well,  I was battling a condition known as “real life,” a condition faced by millions, if not billions of people everyday.  I’m currently better now, thank you.  Yes, towards the back there.

I was wondering if you would care to comment on whether you would like to post this to your wall?

I would, but I can’t keep putting holes into it so much.  I think there is room on my fridge though.  And off the record, would you kindly stop poking me?  Seriously, not only is it annoying, but it is really starting to hurt.  Right in the front here, yes?

@ramblingsman  Do you really think @thepublicatlarge really cares to #ramblingsman?  Is it necessary to have more @waldo jokes?

@rudereporter   I think @thepublicatlarge will come to appreciate not only @waldo jokes but discover my wealth of @90’sernest jokes too.  Also, off the record, another question like that and you will #myfist @withyourface.  Final question yes, the one in the hat?

What would you say to those who think that this is a lame attempt on your part to explain your absence from this site?

I would say they are probably right.



2 thoughts on “A Blogger’s Press Conference”

  1. Hilarious! I do blog to get out of the real world! How did you know? It’s like entering virtual reality and running from all my problems, ha ha ha! Great Post!

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