A (Twitter)-ful Day

If you need to know anything about the internet, you should know things go by fast.

Real fast.

A minute on the internet is an hour, an hour a day, a day a week, a week, the dawning of the apocalypse.

Yep, the internet goes quicker than Chumbawumba’s musical career.

It’s okay though.  They may get knocked down, but I hear they get up again.

Since this is the dawn of the Twitter age of 140 characters or less, I thought it would be more appropriate to Twitter you a typical day.

Cause I am a big twit..terer

Dan @danlive4evaa                                                                           8hr ago

Woke up.  Ugh.  Cookies for breakfast=yes.  Running out the door.

Dan @danlive4evaa                                                                          8hr ago

Forgot door not open.  #pain #ouch

Dan @danlive4evaa                                                                          7 hr ago

At work.  Time to get stuff done.

Dan @danlive4evaa                                                                          7hr ago

Work sucks.  @Procrastination Time to search for pictures of weird/cute cats

Dan @danlive4evaa                                                                          6hr ago

Explaining why watching cat videos related to market behavior of people buying soda.  Boss not convinced of untapped cat lady market.

Dan @danlive4evaa                                                                         6hr ago

Cleaning out desk.  So much for job.  Liked @tea, @coffee better anyway.

Dan @danlive4evaa                                                                         6hr ago

On subway to home.  Bum keeps looking at me.  Convinced of imminent death.  #somuchfortwittername

Dan @danlive4evaa                                                                         6hr ago

Bum okay.  Wants to present me opportunity to invest in 8 track tapes.  Could be time for a comeback…

Dan @danlive4evaa                                                                         6hr ago

Bum’s idea of fixing economy better than any of the Republicans’.  Am convinced bum good candidate for vice president.  @Danbum4prez2012

Dan @danlive4evaa                                                                        6hr ago

No go.  Bum is Republican.  @Danbum4prez2012

Dan @danlive4evaa                                                              5 hr ago

Home at last.  Time for some lunch.  Ham sandwich with my name on it!

Dan @danlive4evaa                                                                      5hr ago

@danmemory Could have told me out of ham.  Forced to eat @Spam

Dan @danlive4evaa                                                                     5hr ago

Am convinced @Spam is old house insulation hardened and formed into rectangles. #blech

Dan @danlive4evaa                                                                     5hr ago

Yes!  Cheesecake in fridge.  Can at least salvage lunch.

Dan @danlive4evaa                                                                     4hr ago

#foodpoisoning #bathroom  @danmemory also forgot cheesecake in fridge for two weeks.

Dan @danlive4evaa                                                                     3hr ago

Time to nap off sickness.

Dan @danlive4evaa                                                                     3hr ago

Cat wants to sleep with me.  #awww

Dan @danlive4evaa                                                                     3hr ago

Cat apparently convinced I make better pillow than @actualpillow  Sigh.

Dan @danlive4evaa                                                                     1hr ago

Cool.  Stupid criminal show on tv.

Dan @danlive4evaa                                                                     30 min ago

Just realized this made my week.  #mynonexistentlovelife

Dan @danlive4evaa                                                                      20 min ago

Forget this.  Going to start new blog post

Dan @danlive4evaa                                                                      10 min ago

Deciding between joke about my @90’sstyleglasses or @mysecretloveofmacarena.  Convinced I lose street cred with either of them.

Dan @danlive4evaa                                                                      5 min ago



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