Anonymous Anonymity

Did you miss me? Did you miss me?

Wait, how could you?

After all…who am I?

No, I’m not asking myself who I am (haven’t lost my memory that badly….yet).

Rather, how can you miss someone you don’t really know?

I could be anyone….man, woman, beast, alien life form, Waldo…who knows?

…Okay, definitely not Waldo….he doesn’t actually exist.

But man, wasn’t he always hard to find?  He was part of flash mobs before they even became trendy.  Seriously, the man was dressed like a barber pole, but was harder for me to find than two dollar a gallon gas today.

But in all seriousness, you  really have no idea who I am.

Now sure, this is a public blog.   Just about everyone writing here wants some public exposure of some kind and you are taking it at their word that they are showing their true selves.

Of course, you should know this blog reflects exactly like I am in real life.  I am the funniest guy you have ever met.  That’s just fact.

(Editor’s note:  Hi, Dan’s self here.  I just wanted to let you know that Dan realizes he is not funny.  Sure, he will say he is and maybe even part of him might think it.  But he know’s the truthJust ask him.  Or rather, his inner him.)

Yet, as we rely more and more on electronic communication, we are often viewed as more and more anonymous to each other.

Some have grown increasingly worried about this.  Like my parents.  Kids today are interacting without actually getting to know people, they tell me.  This needs to stop!, they say.

Sure you can see people in their online videos.   However, you don’t really know their true selves.  You see what they choose to reveal online or write about, but that is only a controlled vision of themselves or their motivations.  Why don’t you all just actually talk to each other and get to know the true person?, my parents and others tell my generation and I.

This argument doesn’t really hold water to me however.

It may hold tea or coffee, or the ocasional cocktail, but not  water.

It is not like we ever really reveal ourselves entirely either in real life.

In fact, if the history of communication tells us anything, not revealing all of ourselves has occurred throughout time.

It all started back in the time of the caveman where (Editor’s note:  Hi, Dan’s inner self again.  Apparently the signals from the brain didn’t reach his mouth in time.  He should have realized that no one needs a long history on any subject.  People want brevity nowadays.  I can do only so much from within here.  After all...) communications between people turned in 1825 when (Editor’s note:  Sorry.  I know you don’t want to hear the boring outer Dan, but sometimes he can get through.  The guys working the left arm right now are really trying to put a hand over his mouth.  It’s a losing battle so far.)  The internet and new frontiers of communication really took off in the 1990’s with the advent of (Editor’s note:  God, why won’t he shut up? This is just getting embarrassing now…I feel bad for him, and I am him.  I should know, since I am him, that he basically is saying that people should realize that we can still communicate in vastly different ways from our ancestors and still not really lose alot in the end or even be that different from what we have done before or been like before.  We didn’t need the 30 minute lecture to tell us that.,) which is where we have arrived today.

I hope that trip through history was enlightening.  Sorry about the weird hand movements.  I don’t know what that was all about.

Well, I guess that is about all, so to conclude….

Waldo!  There you are!   You are a hard man to get in touch with.

I wanted to talk to you about your fashion choices for a sec.

Yikes man.  Just yikes.


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