Secrets! Unsecre..fied?

As most people have been taught, in order to drive traffic, or in order to get people’s attention, you must be willing to spill a few secrets.  People love juicy scandals that allow them to vicariously live through someone’s life.

I admit I have been guilty of the same thing.

The loving juicy scandals, not vicariously living through someone’s life.

How awkward would that be.

Me:  “Hi.  Just thought I would stop by and live vicariously through your life for awhile.”

Other person:  “I’m eating breakfast right now, leave me alone!”

Me:  “Sorry…”(Backing out slowly)

But I guess it is time for me to face the music (seriously why did this become a phrase?  I face walls, people, lots of other inatimate objects, but never actual music).

I have my own secret to admit.

Okay here it goes….I….am…………..coughcoughafraidofspiderscoughcough.

Whew!  I feel much better now!

….Wait, let me backtrack a little.

Afaid of spiders is too strong a phrase.

Fearful of?  No same thing.

Concerned with?  No, that’s like saying I walk around with a petition asking people…”Are you concerned that eight legged arachnids are freely walking the world?  Please sign this and call your representative.  They will want to know.”

Ready to commit spider-cide on a moment’s notice when I see one?  Yeah, that’s probably the closest.

I am a serial spider-killer.

But this post really isn’t about my irrational hatred of spiders.

It’s about video games.

Well…not really video games.  More like media like video games and secrets.

Because you see, I blame my fear of spiders….on a video game.

Of course, I can’t really blame my fear on a video game (even though that N64 game with the weird creatures terrorizing London scared the living be-jeez-us out of me when I was younger.)

But alot of times, we feel the “secret” behind something or behind someone’s behavior is something as simple as a video game played, or a movie watched.

Patient:  “Why do I hate plumbers, doc?”

Doctor:  “You weren’t very good at Mario as a child were you?.”

We have to stop thinking that events and behaviors are caused by one thing.  People are far more complicated than that.

My watching an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie is not going to cause me to get an Austrian accent, take up bodybuilding, and continually tell people to get to choppers.

Far too often, we look for the easy answer, the “secret”, that affects people’s behavior.  Life and people are far too complex to be ruled by solely one thing that causes them to do something.

So let’s have a little common sense, and stop thinking this way.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have another life to try to live vicariously through.


2 thoughts on “Secrets! Unsecre..fied?”

  1. That cartoon has it just about right…though all of the spiders I see are as big as Volkswagons the first time I see them. It was very funny, thanks for the link!

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